Abigail and the Red Ring

One of the toys Abigail loves to play with is her Red Ring. She does a great job of catching it mid roll when we throw it across the yard, and she likes to play tug with it, too. But what she loves best is picking it up on the inside with her nose coming through the center; then she runs around the yard blindly, while the top of the ring covers her eyes. I have no idea how she does it without running straight into a wall, but so far she's avoided all obstacles, and continues full speed ahead, making us laugh over and over!


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We just wanted to first off thank you so much for giving us such an amazing dog! Sam, who we renamed Andy, has been so wonderful. He is already grown to be 40 pounds, has learned, sit, down, rollover, shake, drop it, and is slowly mastering fetch and walking on a leash. He also got the hang of house training incredibly quickly. He is so smart! We love him!

He is happy and healthy. We get stopped everywhere we go because he is such a well mannered and great looking golden! We attached some photos to give you an idea of how much he has grown and what we have been up to (trips to the park, beach, and sleeping!). Thank you again for being so open and kind to us. We are so grateful for Andy in our lives.

Emily & Nolan

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What a joy to our lives and a wonderful addition Charlie has been! He is now 43 lbs. and growing exponentially. He and our 7 year golden, Teddy Bear, are really tight now. Charlie follows him around like a big brother. Our 14 year old golden, Holly, just lays around a lot, but all she does with Charlie is turn her head and bare her teeth... he really annoys her.

He is a swimmer. All of our other goldens would go to the steps in the pool and slowly get in. Not Charlie. He does full on stretched out dives from anywhere on the side of the pool. We even have to escort him outside to go to the bathroom because left unwatched he will dive in every time.

We have crate trained him, and he now sleeps through the night (except for an occasional whimper at 3 a.m.) It took a while to train him, but luckily we will be changing out our floor coverings in the next 6 months (between having him and an old dog).

He loves his toys, and his favorite is a squeaky tiger. He plays really well with my daughters and loves to snuggle with them. He is finally getting over the "bitey" stage, and has not destroyed much other than the bottom of our garage side door.

I have attached a few pictures that we thought you might enjoy.

Have a good summer.

The Smiths: Kathy, Jeff, Mandie, Maya, and Holly, Teddy Bear, and Charlie

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Hey there...

How are you?

Well...we kept the name "Buddy" can you help me decide on a middle/last name for her AKC registration?

Buddy is doing well, had her last round of shots at the start of April...we were finally {with much anticipation} able to take her out into the public. Took her to the boardwalk in Oceanside where she got soooooo much love and attention from lots of very nice people. She is a very smart dog...a good dog! We've got her currently enrolled in dog training class and she understands her instruction on the first try. It's amazing!

Due to Buddy's personality and demeanor, Tanner and I are going to enter her into a therapy dog program when she is one year old. She will train and so will we {handlers training class} Can't wait for her to start helping others! It will be a good thing for Tanner to do as well. Once she is two years old she will be able to visit with the kids at CHOC {children's hospital} We are super excited for this.

Attached is a picture of Buddy in my car after her day out at Oceanside... 🙂

I hope all is well with you! Do you still have Dot?


Just wanted to update you on Maverick. He is adjusting great so far. We are crate training him and at first it was miserable but now he is getting the hang of it and cries for a little then goes to sleep. We took him to the vet on Wednesday and he got his second set of shots and his physical exam. He weighs 11 lbs and the vet said he is a beautiful dog. 🙂 He is so playful and a total blessing. Matthew and I absolutely love having him. Thanks so much and we will be updating you again soon.

Thanks again,
Matthew & Demi Quist

On this Thanksgiving, I wanted to thank you for your offer to give us Maxx. When Suzi read me your email, I literally cried tears of joy. You have made my dream come true. As I mentioned earlier, I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis and PTSD. I saw and experienced many horrific things in combat and I had lost my faith in mankind. Then, when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I lost my faith in God. You have shown me kindness and given me back the faith to believe that people can be good and that my prayers haven't fallen on deaf ears. I hope you're recovery is a speedy one and I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving.

Thank you and God bless you and yours.
Harvey Smith