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Sierra Golden’s is located in Roosevelt, UT. I am dedicated to preserving, breeding, and showing Golden Retrievers. I am a small hobby kennel striving to produce the highest quality animals for wonderful pet homes. I select the best Golden Retrievers from our lines and other reputable quality breeders around the country ensuring that the standards set by the AKC and the Golden Retriever Club of America are strictly adhered to.

Puppies are on a strict schedule for worming and vaccines to help further puppies life. We have the puppies examined at 8 weeks of age by our Veterinarian. We provide a healthy puppy letter from the vet. For us it's important that we do our best to provide information to new puppies owners so that they can continue the steps to helping their puppy have a happy long life.

Health Warranty covers up to 12 months of the: hips & elbows(severe dysphasia) heart(congenital heart defect) and eyes(PRA).



All of my puppies are born in our home and spend the first 2 week being handled and socialized daily. At 3 weeks of age they are moved to the living room and are exposed to different noises, people, other dogs, cats and different surfaces to help them develop a well adjusted personality. Puppies come when they are called at about 4 weeks of age.

I believe that breeding is a huge responsibility. Along with the structure and health of the animals each has a living soul that requires nurturing and love. Placing the puppy with the right home and ensuring that he has the best start is our one of our highest goals. I don’t believe that when you take your puppy home my job is done. I encourage you to call me with any questions or concerns about your Golden Retriever as he grows and develops.

All of my breeding dogs have passed OFA standards for heart, hips, elbows and eyes and are accompanied by a health guarantee that covers these genetic defects.

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